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Lube and Fried Foods

Gina Gershon is on Conan O' Brien as I write this.


What is romance? What is the nature of this thing, and can some just have sex without all of this other baggage (good baggage, often - but weighty, nonetheless) becoming involved. Gina Gershon just told Conan he's "a cute guy." Yeah. Anyway, getting back to the idea of getting laid without consequences. I've come to the conclusion that this is damn near impossible, and that there will nearly always be physical, emotional, and - as my friend has noted - Karmic Consequences.

The holy grail of beautiful, raunchy, swinging from the chandeliers, mutually satisfying, consequence-free sex appears to be a mirage in the desert of the collective unconsciousness of men's loins throughout history.

There are always consequences. STDs. Eghh! No - I don't need burning, and I definitely dont need my wingding to fall off. It has served me well, and would be sorely missed. Although I need to ignore his advice sometimes. He's too close to asshole, and, well, birds of a feather -

but getting back to consequences - other than the STD thing which can be more than marginally circumvented by profos n' sponges 'n' all that fun stuff, there are the psychic damages we inflict on ourselves and others. Not to plagiarize, but I read a really interesting missive on this very topic the other week or so in OC Weekly 'n' basically it was saying that we carry baggage with us from past flings long after we've hoped to have discarded it.

And this whole honesty thing. It bugs. But I get this guilt thing when I lie, and I'm rather shitty at lying (unless it happens to be of utmost importance - and though, given, I am horny on a rather regular basis, I am still cogent enough to realize that sex is not of the utmost importance -)

And it seems that the more "fake" a guy is, the greater the probability there is of his getting laid. This really annoys the guys who are trying to go for the brass ring, and lay the wood, while still maintaining integrity. Though I fear I've lost what vestiges I clung to due to use of the "laying the wood" terminology. well, there is also a phrase known as "waxing that little woody down," but it is archaic and too long of a story to go into just right now. But women can be so fooled by bluff and bluster. apparently, this is some bizarro reflection of men being dazed into a lull by fine asses and perkiness.

I think eating is the solution to my women problems. but then - if I eat too much, it may become both a substitute and a cause of future women problems.

I think I need to indulge a bit on the excesses available to me.

~ But wear a rubber, kids! ~

~ and avoid fried foods!

NEXT: High School nostalgia, if I'm up for it ...

06:00:19 - 2001-03-13


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