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Today in lieu of sharing my inner yearnings and

angst, I've chosen to share some excerpts from

fine works of literature I've not had the pleasure

to finish, but have enjoyed in part thus far ...

"I think about my education sometimes. I went

to the University of Chicago for a while after

the Second World War. I was a student in the

department of Anthropology. At that time, they

were teaching that there was absolutely no

difference between anybody. They may be teaching

that still.

Another thing they taught was that nobody was

ridiculous or bad or disgusting. Shortly before

my father died, he said to me, 'you know, you

never write a story with a villain in it.'

I told him that was one of the things I

learned in college after the war."

- From Kurt Vonnegut's

"Slaughterhouse Five"

"I promise not to get jealous of you looking

at other men's toes."

"You have nice toes. Nice long, far-apart ones."

"I can spread them at will, and pick things up with

them. I got monkey feet from going barefoot as a

kid. Would you think say that my toes are too far


"When you open them up like that, they're unusually

far apart. I guess you don't have my problem

feeling them smack against one another. Tell

me the one about Chinese toes and Japanese toes."

"I shouldn't give you a hang up. There ought to be

a rule not to give one another new hang-ups."

"There ought to be a rule when somebody starts to

tell something, he has to finish it, no fair

bringing up half a secret."

"You didn't grab a peek at my toes to see whether

I'm a chinaman or a jap?"

"You can tell by the toes?"

"That's what I'm asking you. Comic books and Life

magazine said that the way to tell a good Chinese

from a bad jap is that the former has more space

between the toes."

"Then I must be a Japanese, and you a Chinese."

He parted her sweet, suckable Japanese toes, and

bent down and kissed one. Then he sucked each

little piggy, and licked the tight spaces

between them. He heard her sigh, "My toes are

having orgasms." Holding that sensitive foot

against his chest and heart, he loved up the

other one. "Wittman," she called, and he looked

up to see her face, which did not make him feel

embarrassed. "You gave me an orgasm between all

my toes," she said. "Ten toes, eight orgasms.

I didn't know toes could do that."

"I didn't either," he said; "I think we've

invented a new sex act." He had not thought of

toe love before suddenly doing it. Her feet were

so beautiful and so human. He hoped that someday

he would get to know her well enough to ask her

to make love to and with his toes. Find out

whether men can have orgasms down there too.

She put on her X-L t-shirt to go to sleep.

Every girl he ever made it with (two) wore

t-shirts to bed. They only wear negligees in

movies. They want you to make love to their

real self and not their peignoir.

Tana thought about complimenting Wittman

on how nice and soft his penis was. But he

was such a worrier over masculinity, he'd take

it wrong. Men don't understand that a penis is

the loveliest softness to touch, more tender

than a baby's earlobe, softer than a woman's

breast. And after fucking is the best time to

touch and touch, but you can't do that for too

long or they feel bad they're not getting hard.

Wittman was not one you could praise for his

softness. Tana saved up her acclaim.

- From Maxine Hong Kingston's

"Tripmaster Monkey"

There's a third excerpt, from Zadie Smith's

"White Teeth," which I'd like to leave, but

Dallas is playing Utah right now, and I need to

get some grub, preferably a chicken sandwich

from Burger King. Zadie Smith is a clever,

not to mention gorgeous. All in all, an

entertaining book, quite copious when it comes

to words.

Back at you soon.

It's all about the Dallas Mavericks!

8:07 p.m. - 2001-04-24


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