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So tomorrow I have an interview of sorts at the local Library. It should be interesting, as I'm going to have to take some sort of test. I've been studying the dewey decimal system, as I've heard that it is incorporated into the test in some way. It's an entry-level position, but it's air-conditioned, and given the choice of telling people I work at the Library, or at McDonald's, I'll go with the Library every time. Nothing against McD's,

mind you, but the pay is shit (and I've already put my tour of duty in there) - meeting some gruff, alcoholic Ronald McDonald in the employee break room - no joke! - has perhaps scarred me for life.

anyhoo - the dewey decimal system is as follows -

000 - 100 General Works (Reference books, bibliographies, books about books)

100s - Philosophy and Psychology

200s - Religion

300s - Social Sciences

400s - Philology (Language) - J.R.R. Tolkien was a Philologist, by the way.

500s - Science (Pure Science - Includes Mathematics)

600s - Applied Science and Useful Arts (TECHNOLOGY)

700s - The Arts (Fine Arts and Recreation)

800s - Literature - ah, literature!

900s - History (Includes Geography and Biography)

So what have we learned from this, friends?

I suppose we have learned that I need to memorize at least this much information regarding the Dewey Decimal system in order to impress our friends at the Library. It's a city Library, and it has some nice benefits. I suppose if I don't get hired there, I will apply at some county libraries, along with my bookstore jaunts, teaching inquiries, and Hotel/Motel surveys. I'm taking my time on this job hunt, as I don't want something totally crappy.

Hell, I may end up back in the custom framing business, but - not likely. I had a cast and crew of compatriots at that shop that will not likely be duplicated in any future retail endeavor.

30-something rappers, goofy funny little men, beautiful girls ! - ah, it was a time to remember.

South Coast Plaza is a funky place to work.


Today I was at a teacher's conference (prospective teachers, subs) at cal-state fullerton. It was interesting, I suppose. They spent a helluva lot of time emphasizing how much they needed special ed teachers. Me, not being a special ed teacher, sat - waiting for them to talk extensively on the subject of high school subs, and english teachers. I continue to wait. Still, some good background info learned today.

They need special ed teachers. Me, I need a cute girl in a coolass comfy t-shirt and/or pajamas. Hey, everyone's accepting applicants somewhere.

11:38 p.m. - 2001-05-07


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