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Dieting Blows

Well, I've gone for several interviews in the past few days, and I was hired for a job at the local library, though I'm not sure how consistent the hours they give me will be. While for the short term, I'll be happy with less hours, seeing as my friend and pierced-lip goddess will be visiting, It will become more disturbing to me as time goes on. They broke it down to me like this: "Some weeks you'll get more than 20 hours, others you may get 4 hours." Now, that just doesn't sound very satisfying to me, as far as cash flow. Still, I hope I only get 4 hours this week, as I have much carousing to do. I had an interview at a Comfort Suites hotel, and the manager, Christina, said she'd call me on Monday, so I may have something there, though I don't know how I'll slot that in. Ahh, something to worry about later. And the manager from the Hilton Hotel, where my friend bartends, called - so I may talk to him - I guess he's calling back Monday too.

Enough inane work garbage. The Lakers are playing Sacramento as I write this, and I'm a mite worried. Vlade Divac is really flopping all over the place. My friend has been e-mailing me smack from Chico, as he is a big Sac-Town fan, and he's going to be at game 4 on Sunday. So I'm sure he'll send me some smack, especially if Sac can pull off a game or two.

Other than that, the dominant theme in my life the past week has been my battle with a diet. I've been eating soups, salads, and garlic bread every day but one this week; SOoo - one day I cheated and had a burger and a beer while watching some NBA action! sue me.

But after all this traumatic pain - I succeeded in losing 5 LBS!!!

5 LBS!!!! What the hell!!! Dammnit all!! I had

planned on dropping 10! So after playing basketball

and working up a sweat, I said - "hell with it -

and downed a WENDY's Burger and a Frosty"

Frosties never tasted so good.

Man, Fuck Dieting!!!

7:59 p.m. - 2001-05-11


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