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So I had a really, well, mostly good week this past week. I was fortunate enough to see the girl I'm in love with, several times, and she seemed to enjoy seeing me as well. Perhaps I overwhelmed her with my adoration, but it was something I couldn't hide, nor could I reasonably control it. I was quite conscious she would be leaving my presence again soon, and I suppose I was simply trying to imprint my affection for her upon her bosom and soul. not quite a run-on sentence, but close. I fear I may have been overboard. It's not as if I'm a cuckold to anyone. I'm pretty independent in my thoughts and actions, but I can't help it. She melts me.

So. I started working again yesterday. Started at the comfort suites on Beach Blvd, for those in the know. It's right across from a Comics Unlimited comics shop. Funny, how many of my jobs curiously end up located geographically near ye old comic shoppes. Shortly following my creaky inauguration in the hotel industry, I was off and running at the library. I had an hour or so break between jobs. Today may be less. There was some cool guy, Judd, training me at the Library. He wasn't as cool as cartoonist Judd from the Real World, but nearly so.

He may have been partially deaf, because his pronounciation of words was somewhat off, but his coolness and friendliness supplanted most of the awkwardness. The guy actually moonlights at this job, and works as a stockbroker, or something.

My horoscope keeps talking about wealth and shite, but none so far. I hope it is somewhat accurate. I could sure use some escape from jobs which call for a trite and obsequieous Brian firing on all cylinders. I manage to occasionally sneak some sardonic bits into the workplace, but it too often goes unnoticed or underappreciated.

I would like to be traveling in Europe, making love to an artgirl in her loft which sprung from my imagination, chucking this life and living on the rails as a depression-era hobo. Something. I'm swimming through things now, but I need a sweet breath of exhilaration to open up my lungs and let my spirit fly. ...

more new-age nonsense to come

1:54 p.m. - 2001-05-23


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