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Vacation Cali

So I've been reading Green Arrow, and I purchased this new book "Out there," which has pretty cool art, but I'm not yet sold on the story. High School politics meets paranormal activity. Kinda cool, manga-ish stuff, always well done by Humberto Ramos.

And the Punisher series relaunched. The Punisher is usually shittily written, but with the writer they have now (lovable brit Garth Ennis), the title is assured of gruesome death and dismemberment, as well as legitimately good storytelling, keeping the plot flowing at a nice ebb and flow.

Other than comics? Damn. Tough one. Well, today was ok at work.

Oh snap! One more comic to recommend. I read this one a few years ago, but I still hold a fond place for it. The title is "Exit," and it's by Nabiel Kanan. I don't have the ISBN # handy, but it's a good read, tragic, and enjoyable in the same way that the film SLC punk! is. I heartily recommend it, if you can find it. If not, I'll post the ISBN # at some future date, and my loyal readers - all two of you, or is it three? - will have an opportunity to order it via Barnes and Noble, or some other godawful media conglomerate.

I've heard that the film "Crumb" is good, but I have yet to see it, so I'll reserve judgement on that one.

A film that will give some insight into the mindset and lifestyle of myself and many of my homies: "Free Enterprise." Contrary to the title, it's not about Star Trek in any way, shape, or form. Although it does feature William Shatner, in a supporting role. It's a quality film, with a dream sequence of romance my friends and I can only sit back and admire. And it also features a "Swingers" feel, even going so far as to co-opt one of the actors from Swingers in a supporting role. My only criticisms would be that they end up making the comic book lifestyle a bit too hip - and, the last five minutes with Shatner are brutal. But a good 85% of the film is solid gold.

There's another film with a Swingers alumn which I have a soft spot for. Office Space. While not nearly as enjoyable to me as "Free Enterprise," more of the general populace would probably find it enjoyable, as it's a kind of "Dilbert" comic-strip come to life, and done much better than the sadly failed Fred Savage series "Working," of a few years back. It features Jennifer Aniston, for what it's worth, and the guy who played Jon Favreau's (Swingers) friend from New York in the aforementioned Swingers.

Quite a Swingers theme here, eh? Well, lest I be remiss, I suppose a shot should go out to Swingers, without which these fringe and b-movies would not be possible. It's still a quality film - well written, humorously played, with a few gaffes, and plot threads unraveling, but nonetheless solid stuff - Unfortunately, I've seen it about 5,000 too many times to heartily endorse it! Check with the me of 2 years ago, and he'll give it mad props.

Searching for the be-all and end-all homosexual experience. Witness the Christopher Lowell show on the Discovery Channel in the afternoons. This man may be the most gay creature on the face of this earth. I have nothing against homosexuality, and if I was gay, I would probably be offended by this man's flamboyance. Great show to watch, if only for the fact that it is difficult to fathom that it is for real, and this is not a joke, or an act. This guy really speaks this way, and makes gestures like this. Mad props to you, Chris! ...

Working at the hotel is odd. There are all kinds of strange birds who frequent these joints. Spoiled little kids, eurotrash whores, buff dudes awaiting UPS packages, businessmen requesting 5:45 am wake-up calls, annoying old women telling me about their "evenflow," and asking me to move their bags from one to another, all the while going on about their PMS, then calling the front desk repeatedly to ask about how to use the in-room safe, call for a taxi, call back to cancel taxi, call to ask about long distance service, ad nasuaem.

My left wrist is seizing up and bothering me. Shooting pricks of pain well up from time to time. Must be all the computer time. Before I worked this job, I only used the keyboard ocassionally at the Framers - Now, I'm typing in reservations, and accomodations information nearly 24-7. But at least my right wrist hasn't bothered me yet. And that's key.

Sleep ....

Vanilla Starbucks Bottled Ice Cafe - shtuff is good.

Gets me somewhat conscious for work. Have to be there at 7am three days a week. Sometimes 6:45 on sundays if I'm working at the library that week.

Hell for me. Damn. Friday and Saturday are usually better. I work with this lady Maurilia. She's pretty cool, and we get along pretty well. She's an older woman, and it's pretty bitchin when I work alongside her because if we have a problem we a customer she kind of feigns not knowing english that well, and the customer has no real outlet. I just sit and nod, or try to ignore the bastards. I still have difficulty understanding why they rabidly complain to me about hotel policy shit which I won't change, and can't change, and will be there long after I am gone. Go suck a dick! Write a letter to someone who cares! We're a corporation! Call the 1-800-number! Leave me the fuck alone! I don't care!! What part of my vacant stare don't you understand? Can't you see I'm just waiting for you to tire yourself out complaining, so I can go back to reading the USA Today or feeling carpal tunnel syndrome and waiting for my shift to end?

damn people.

I need to get paid for something that doesn't involve catering to lazy, incompetent, assholes.


other than that, I'm having a really cool week. Looking forward to San Diego, and feeling some positive vibes from my girl up north.

Things are good. =)

11:05 p.m. - 2001-06-20


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