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Next week, I head down to San Diego.

I'm looking forward to it, as this one week a year has long been my solace from the assault of the world.

Growing up, reading comics was my way to shield myself, or escape, from my surroundings. As I grew older, it became more difficult to completely lose myself in concentration, ignoring events around me, but I still manage from time to time.

I'm still able to concentrate so intently on one thing that it becomes a complete lack of focus on anything else. But I've lost the complete mastery of it that I once had. And I don't know if that's a bad thing or a good thing.

Objectively, one would think that being more self-aware would be a positive thing. But being able to occasionally step outside of oneself and look back in is only truly enjoyable when things are rolling along smoothly. As we encounter rough waters, the last thing anyone wants to do is step outside of oneself to note one's faults, especially if the knowledge of these doesn't necessarily provide a solution.

So hopefully I'll have sharpened my purpose upon my return from San Diego. Last year I took it a little TOO seriously, going down there with resume in hand, and talking people's ears off. This year, I want to make connections, sit back and gather information, and come away from it with a feeling of my place and future in the comics industry. I really want to fucking do this, and I sure as fuck can't do it without putting myself out there. I'll talk to some working writers, and hopefully make some good connections, or at least learn something useful.

Other random notes:

you guys know that intern, Chandra Levy? the one who's the center of all that hullaballoo in Washington? guess what? my college roommate was dating her!!!! a few years back, the guy I roomed with went on a few dates with her - I think he even took her to a Giants baseball game ...They're both from Modesto. I met her once, actually. She came up to Chico, and stayed in our apartment Halloween weekend two years back. All I really remember was that my roommate was hoping to get laid, and she was kind of full of herself, to my recollection. -- I kept seeing her photo on tv, and remembering the name, and I was like, "no...It can't be." so I e-mailed my roommate, and he e-mailed back - "yeah, it's the same Chandra who stayed with us on Halloween." One fucking weird small world, man ...

Other than that, I was somewhat amused by the Backstreet Boy who's come out with his alcoholism/exhaustion/whatever ...."oh, poor me, I'm a multimillionaire, crap musician, adored by thousands of young girls - and homosexual men -"

yeah. tough life, buddy.

Invest your money now, dude. your days are numbered.

I will return, but I have to go work library security. make sure those punk kids aren't stuffing "Lolita" into their pants. Although, if it's "Lolita," I'll probably let 'em off with a warning.

4:22 p.m. - 2001-07-11


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