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Don't fuck with the Basque

12:47 Now. Out pimpin' tonight. Nah. I was working tonight until 11:30 - Actually at the hotel until 12 midnight or so, there were hella BBWs at the hotel tonight, some big (pardon the pun) gathering of the tribes. There was some sort of get-together of BBWs and their men, and they had coordinated it at our hotel.

Around 11pm we start getting all kinds of complaints that room 306 in the hotel is blowing up, with a mad phat (or fat) party - So, my Thai female co-worker asks me to go up and tell them to keep it down. I do so, but damn, there were hella people up there - like 5 or six hanging out around outside this room, looking over the balcony. I was thinking, "damn, hope I don't end up with a few slugs in me' belly."

alas, I survived.

Damn, those BBW hoochies. Really know how to trash a hotel. Glad I'm not working morning shift tomorrow. No doubt there shall be complaints-a-plenty. Many insane fucking zealots. My Afghani homie, Fareed, and my Indian co-worker/homie/amway peddler, Suren, will face the wrath of the hungover BBWs. God help them.

I have been reading my friends online diaries. Rina was giving mad props to Lesbianism. If I was a female these days, I'd likely go bi myself. Most guys are pricks. Then again, I do think we, as a gender, have something to offer - other than our pricks. There is a male sensitivity, just beneath the surface. Most men probably have difficulty accessing it. In my case, I'm often too sensitive. I've allowed scabs to grow over some of my sensitive spots, but girls still get to me sometimes.

I don't want to lose that, though. If I do, I lose what makes me unique - even cool.

The girl I've been thinking about was writing about the poor quality of whitey culture, and again, I must agree. There are a lot of white people, in Orange County and California (and large population centers in America) who have no fucking clue. Who don't realize the blood, and terror their comfortable existence is built upon. The only thing I disagree with her on, is well, a minor correction - It was primarily immigrant Chinese who were building the railroads - not Japanese. But there were Japanese in California and Oregon, working in camps, especially during and after the Gold Rush era.

There's a good book regarding a Japanese immigrant family, which chronicles their arrival in america, and their family's expansion, and trauma at the hands of the U.S. Government during WWII. (Internment Camps), and what happened afterward. I read it in my Asian-American Studies Class my last year in Chico. "Stubborn Twig" - hard to find the damn book, but worth the search. I read it cover to cover in about 2 days, which for me is rare.

But for me - I don't look at myself as White or Black, Hispanic, or Asian. I'm an Apodaca. People think it's Greek - what the fuck?? It's fucking Spanish, man!! Well, actually that's not entirely correct. But if you go to New Mexico, there's a shitload of Apodacas. There was even a governor of New Mexico named Apodaca. My grandpa didn't speak English until he was 18. My great-grandfather Melicio Apodaca, died, and my grandpa was the bread-winner, and supporter for his younger siblings. They eventually moved out to California, where he met my Grandmother. There's a long story about how we had originally had a land grant from the King of Spain wayyy back in the day, and they were herding sheep and had a farm, and things were good - but the family fell upon hard times - and my grandfather's half brother - the other side of the family received an inheritance, or something of that sort, and basically screwed over my Grandfather, and his siblings. But my grandpa had moved out to LA, I believe in the 40's, and at that time racism/discrimination was rampant. I mean, after 6pm at night, if you were black, you would be arrested simply for being out on the street in the city of Los Angeles.

So it was into that environment that my Grandfather came. When I think of the harsh community that he was coming into, I can understand why he goes by the name "Jack" - he might have even legally changed it - even though I KNOW his real name is Joaquin. And when they named me Joaquin (one of my middle names) I've been told my grandfather was upset. But I hope that he's proud of it now. I know he takes pride in our heritage.

We're Basque muthafuckas.

Don't fuck with us. Go to Spain, and you'll notice there are Basque terrorists. Damn Straight.

12:47 a.m. - 2001-08-05


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