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Mission Statement

I've been cultivating too much negative energy lately.

It's silly, really.

I'm 25 years old.

I'm in awesome health.

I look good in a floral neoprene jumpsuit.

And I like to have fun.

It's all about rediscovering fun.

I lived in a fucking dorm, yo!

I went to a girl's room in the Spanish house. Anna. We drank tequila and made out.

Look at how goofy our idols are. Look at the geeks in System of a Down. Look at my homies in Alien Ant Farm. Check those bros in Hoobastank.

One of my friends from Esken Hall in '97 is buddies with the guys from HoobaStank. Zack. Zack's cool. He's a legomaniac.

I lived next to this dude who had a Rage against the machine poster in his dorm room - juxtaposed with a Dole/Kemp poster. He was a funny dude. Very mix-and-match.

Mason lived down the hall. He slagged on people left and right, and was a generally dickish presence in the dorm. We were fast friends.

Rance was my roommate. He never eats Salads. He's never seen the original Star Wars. He teaches History and Economics at a Junior High School now.

He's all about the 'tang, but in a sensitive way.

Amy was cute. I should have gone out with her. She was really nice to me. I dunno why I didn't go for her, other than the fact she was big on Titanic.

Well, I did like the spitting scene.

Heather was a few months younger than me. I really wanted to have sex with her. And she was really smart and haughty, too. We talked a lot at first, not so much after about 2 weeks.

She was in a sorority, and I was a weenie.

I realize that - shit - strangely enough, I'm too mature for this shit. I'm too mature to take this shit seriously. I'm not going to take myself seriously. No.

I'm not going to use big words out of context. I will look in a dictionary before I slag off on someone with a big word. I will spell correctly, because that is an integral ingredient of being a likeable human being.

I will not wish for a larger penis.

I won't!

I won't!

I won't!

2 Feet is too long anyway.

Life isn't about being depressed, or

having sex with a million people, or

amassing numerous college degrees,

or belittling passive & meek people.

Let's have fun, goddamnit!!!

Leave your ego at the door, weenies.

1:28 a.m. - 2002-02-16


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