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I don't hate anyone.

Perhaps that is my problem.

I don't hate anyone.

I'm honest most of the time. I tell the truth when I should lie. I don't know. It seems that it's shocking to people when you tell the truth. "Yeah, I'm lazy." "No, you suck." "I was late for work because 15 minutes is some abstract thing - it's not real!! Fuck you!! I needed the sleep!"

"I don't want to work tuesday nights!" "I don't want to go to this stupid sexual harrassment seminar at work. -- I think I understand -- don't make perv comments to your co-workers, don't flash your underlings, don't have any social contact of any kind with the opposite sex which does not clearly define you as a eunich."

"Of course, the assholes who really sexually harrass people will keep on doing that shit - lecture or no lecture."

at least we get paid to attend.

and all because of a patron at my place of employment who showed his willy to a few unsuspecting innocents. and he's in jail - dillweed! - and he DOESN'T WORK HERE!!!

He's some dude off the street!

Isn't his an act of perversion?

How can he be guilty of sexual harrassment!? HE DOESN'T WORK HERE!!!

He's an ass - a flake - a weirdo with his wiring twisted to shit - a lump of coal in his upper lobe - but the dude is a perv of the public, I SAY!!!

his pubic perpetrations should not result in an anal plunging meted out on emphatically non-sexual-harrassing employees

ah well ... it'll be good fun. bollocks. someone bring popcorn.


Dan Clowes is a great artist.

Sara(h?) Silverman is funny.

Britney and Justin are still together. WTFUCK kind of name is timberlake? please, mr. johnson.


my veins be a-poppin' and i'm still wond'rin if i'll ever be included in the next edition of RIPRAP! - "The literary journal of Long Beach State!"

Gee-ZUs - I went through an entire psuedo-relationship while waiting to find out if this fucking horrendous story would ever be published - AND - i'm still waiting.




I need to call this Cecilia chick. She's a cutie. She's a student at FIDM, and she used to like me - ah think. But we nevah talk innymore.

this past summer, she faxed me at work. we used to fax each other drawings, because we were bored. she in florida, me in cali. she called my hotel asking about rates, and we've talked on and off since then. it was a real =FLASH= of inspiration meeting her.

but that was fucking august. and now she's out in LA. I need to hang out wid' her, but she lives in LA - and i'm sick of driving up to LA.

San Diego might be nice. There was an ad in the paper the other day. Seems the U.S. Gov. is hiring Border Patrol agents. INS, and shite. Sheisse. Whatever. (Shit!)

pays $3o,ooo to $37,ooo a year.

and a college degree basically puts you mucho ahead of other people applying. they don't care what the degree's in. it says right on the website, yo.

just as long as tengo a degree.

there's a 20-week training course.

and then they put you out there.

on the borders. in high-speed chases, or whateva.

but - the only thing is - you have to carry a gun.

i'm not a full-on pacifist, but -

fuck! a gun? what am i going to do with a gun? shove it up me arse?

i don't like guns.

but it pays well.

it would be interesting.

i'm not sure about my feelings on working for such an agency.

is it right to deny people entrance to our fine country? they too, must know the joys of macaroni & cheese and "the Osbournes."


I used to have this poster on my wall in college. CAPRICE. She's a blonde - or fake blonde (i dunno) model/"supermodel"/whateverthefuck

for some reason, that poster seems cooler now that i no longer possess it.

it's probably pulp in some Redding Dumpster by now.


I wanna move to Fall River Mills or Dublin, Ohio.

12:00 a.m. - 2002-03-20


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