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we all scream for ice cream

"The trouble with the rat race is that, even if you win, you're still a rat."

- Lily Tomlin

The weather here is nice. The air is cleaner than L.A. I can actually breathe.

I don't feel sick.

I'm still tired, but that probably has more to do with the Jack Daniels shots I did last night than anything else.

My friend Rance has to go to Modesto to sign his teaching contract. He'll be teaching English and History at a little Junior High in Salida. Starting pay somewhere around 37,000. Not bad. Some buckaroos, certainly. Especially for this corner of the world.

He wants me to go to Modesto and help him help his friend Darrin move into a new house. Um...nyeahhh. I'd like to help him, but last time I was up here, I helped him move into a new apartment - This time I just want a VACATION.

selfish? prob'ly. I feel a bit guilty.

Then I remember that I'm going back to work at the Hotel/Library next week.

And I think/I think/I think I need a break from everything.

-a break from the timestream-

There was this gorgeous li'l girl at this country western bar I went to last night. My old roommate Mason was there, and we were workin' the crowd.

Yih yih. It's a country-western place, but on Tuesdays they play disco and Hiphop. It was bursting with college students.

So anyways - this li'l girl - Let's call her Stephanie - she was dancing with her friend. And I made eye contact with her, and that was it. For an hour or so.

Later in the night, I see her sitting outside, on the smoking terrace (though she don't smoke - don't get the wrong idea, g). Her friend was a lovely young woman from Nigeria. And they were just having a hell of a time. I could tell they were having a nice night.

Anyhow, her friend went to talk to someone, and I promptly sat my ass down next to her and asked her name. "Stephanie." Somewhere in there I mentioned that I was from Southern California, and she remarked that she had just returned from a trip to San Bernardino to see Mos Def and Mystik.

I was hoping that she would turn out to be a socal native, but she turned out to be from San Jose.

She was a pretty li'l thing. She looked tastier than Rocky Road Ice Cream.



Blackjack: The Real Deal

"A Guide to Blackjack Strategy"

J. Phillip Vogel

Jobs That Don't Suck

"What Nobody Else Will Tell You

about Getting and Succeeding in

the Job of Your Dreams"

Charlie Drozdyk


N.E.R.D. "In Search of ..."


Elvis Costello "The Very Best of Elvis Costello"



Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Stan Lee's

guest appearance on the Simpsons near the

end of the month! April 28th, I believe. But check

tha' listings.

6:09 p.m. - 2002-04-17


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