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\"From the Desert to the Sea, to All of Southern California\"

Whatever happened to Mira Sorvino? I remember seeing her in "Summer of Sam." It was decent. hmm.

I also heard Quentin Tarantino cheated on her ass. Apparently, they were dating and he -


It's been nice, these past few days.

one of my jobs gave me a raise.

I haven't been thinking so much about women (but thinking about that fact kind of defeats the purpose)

I'm ok with a friend ditching me last week. If she feels that way, the positive vibe she had for me must have been pretty shallow to begin with. I'm not blameless - I should have returned an e-mail or two - but I wasn't intentionally ignoring her, whether she believes it or not. I'm sure she doesn't care, but that bugs me. To think you can deduce my feelings from an unanswered e-mail or lack of eye contact.

I've been remiss in returning mail when it came to women I was passionate about. And I've definitely had trouble with eye contact with such women. I'm a pussy, whatever. FLAKE MAN!!

but I have a good heart.

I'm the guy who "won't hurt"

woohoo! just what I always wanted to be!


I find myself thinking about boise. or a few months more of saving, and getting a place in OC, or northern cali. I like visiting my sister, but LA is a bit pompous for me. I do like Venice, though. what I've seen of it. it's ok. but I can't exactly move there.

so huntington beach, maybe. or orange. garden grove, even.

before I can start fantasizing about a life of adventure, I need to have a ceiling over my head which isn't shared by psycho-angry-butloving co-dependant "dadman"

he loves me more than himself, probably - but he also frequently spews out negative reinforcement. y'know pops - I think low enough of myself as it is, I don't need your help.

and I don't want to give up on Shane either. but he has a kid now, and we can't exactly up and move to boise or montana or some bumfuck place where I can get some distance and peace of mind.

people don't understand - I don't care where I live, but I need a few things:

clean air

less pollen

less sun


physical exertion


large supply of females between

20-40 years of age


a female friend with whom I can have more than sex, but less than a marriage

masturbatory aides

comic books

(please feel free to relate any of the aforementioned items in any way you like)

fellow comic book geeks


a chance to read some faulkner, bukowski, dickens, george eliot,

more hemingway (ugh!), and the next zadie smith tome

and I need to draw like Jack Kirby for one day in my life


Jerry Dunphy Died.

The man had been around forever.

He was old as hell when I was born, and a hell of a newscaster.

rest in peace, J D

12:10 a.m. - 2002-05-22


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