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fuckity fuck

Setting the line height

Inundated with Girls gone Wild commercials.

Guess I'll live.

WHO are these girls? And why have they gone WILD?

eh. The E! channel. Gotta love it.

I wonder what the weather's like in Davis.

I wonder if I should move to LA. Mebbe I could get an internship or some such nonsense at a place like Top Cow comics.

Weird. There's a pretty good-lookin' blonde on Howard Stern at this point. She's no Gina Gershon, but who is, right? Besides Gina Gershon.

Which brings me to BOUND. Great, great film. Helped me to come to grips with my inner lesbian. Highly recommended.

A friend recommended Phil Jackson's "Sacred Hoops" today, so I'll have to read that. Zen, baby. I could get into that.

Ah, this blonde is sooo perky.

I ain't mad at her, though.

How perky she be. She be perky, yo.

Stern, with the sunglasses and the big nose. What a geek. He's a lucky dude. Talented, but lucky. He's hitting some prime &*&*&*&^% these days. wow. dear me. I hear Stern's a comic fan. I liked him better when he had a disapproving wife.

damn. blondes have more fun? why have i always dug brunettes? I've never been attracted to blondes, with maybe one exception.

the one blonde i liked just ... destroyed me ... and i never liked a blonde before or since.

Well, I liked a few -- but no passion.

No all-consuming drama.

And what good is a 20-year old kid without drama and passion?

- and so much time has passed, and i've gained perspective, and i know some of the reasons for things, but i still wish that history could change - that i could somehow walk with more delicacy, speak at the right moment, show her something nice, smile at the right time; be a sponge for her pain -

an open sore, a living lemon

why is that so damn attractive?

a woman with spikes in her eyes

a feline with tendrils of blood

a mask of hatred and anger

a tentacle of passion and cruelty

sex goddess fucks to break backs

spine-tingling watery snacks

lips glossed, eggs tossed

across the water she spreads her glee

and i wait, as i sink in ecstasy

the river of her legs runs through the slip

the tight rein of her jaw slips through the drip

the tanktop tshirt tastes good in a drenched mouth trip

squeezed hard as it melts on her lip

into the pool and the spa we sink

between her legs i take a drink

the semiconductor stems the flow

of angry ants all on the go

as seven miles run by quick

it's slipping, sliding, slapping slick

in aching arcs

as the clothes snap

as tongues intermingle

as flagella flap

in deep penetration

in spinal elation

in warm hesitation

this love creation

we snap and pop and gurgle

and stop

we shrink and gain

we wax and wane

the wet, hot pain

comes on again

2:08 a.m. - 2002-08-10


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