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fuck this!



There. Now that I have that out of the way ...


Eh. Not much to say. I've said it all before, and it's not really interesting anymore.

Just a string of words to pass the time.

Like an information blindfold, without the cigarette.

Fuck this. I'm lonely, I'm tired, and I want to go home.

I want to go home.


I'm not even hungry - man. Hit up Alerto's earlier tonight. That was cool. Carne Asada Burrito w/ or w/out onions. Mucho cheese.


there was this cool girl from riverside in my hotel awhile back. she was really pretty, and she had nice bosoms. I e-mailed her, but she never e-mailed back. she seemed pretty smart. boo-hoo-hoo.


I talked to this guy, Steve, tonight. He was pretty cool. He and I got along, because we both were suffering from a case of social-phobia/social anxiety/have-to-pee disorder.

I saw the girl I was dating or whatever tonight. She looked really good, almost like a different person. Everyone changes. Everything changes, and I hate it.



Time is such an asshole.


Not that I hate time completely. Time passing is the only way to determine many important things in life. When to piss, shit, and have sex are all determined by time. We all arrange times to eat, drink, and be merry based on time.

Time passes in a good way. Some shitty lecture, or shitty-friend-talking comes to a pleasurable end.

On the other hand, sex, cars, food, and coolness only have a limited shelf life.

For some reason, assholes are fucking cockroaches. They can't be stamped out.

Good for them.

They've beaten time, in a limited sense.

They will also succumb to the pressures of time, but they hold up longer. A shield, a defense has been constructed.

A cool, condescending air has shielded these violently mute assholes from the natural decay of weaker weather patterns.

Only the hydraulic, piston-pumping, sea-change el nino can blast these fuckers out - from their perch in the lofty hills of self importance.




So, anyhow -

nothing much going on here.

I've met about 3 or 4 interesting women in the past month. Nothing substantial. Whatever.


I want to live in some of the lamest, shittiest towns in America. I would wager that there are fine folk in such parts.

Fine folk, indeed.


I don't want to marry a schoolteacher.

I don't want to marry a psychologist.

I don't want to marry a doctor.

I don't want to marry a job.

I don't want to marry my hand.

I don't want to marry a married woman.

I don't want to marry a self-important prick.

I don't want to marry a man.

I don't want to marry a girl.

I don't want to marry an animal.

I don't want to marry Byron, Keats, or Shelley.

I don't want to marry Little Richard, or Linus, from the PEANUTS.

I don't want to get married tomorrow.

I don't want to marry a pregnant woman.

I don't want to marry a house, or a career, or money.

I don't want to marry a total bitch.

I want to marry a sometimes bitch.

I want to marry a supergirl.

I want to marry a pretty girl.

I want to marry a genius girl.

I want to marry an artist girl.

I want to marry a poet girl.

I want to marry a girl who wants to marry my hand.

I want to marry a hairy girl.

I want to marry a cherry girl.

I want to marry a "not Larry" girl.

I want to marry a merry girl.

I want to marry a naked girl.

I want to marry a girl with a bit of saffron and white lingerie type item on her buttox region-girl.

I want to marry a nuclear-physicist-exotic-dancer-girl.

I want to marry a blend of Shakira, Zadie Smith, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Sarah Polley, a Weezer-loving girl who looks like Winona Ryder but is much prettier, the chick from "A Knight's Tale" and that 40days/nights movie, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Tweet, Maya Angelou, Lil Kim, Ashanti, Janet Jackson, Debbie Gibson, Helen Hunt, Heather Hunter, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, Ayn Rand, Betty Ross (Hulk's girlfriend), some anime-chick, some girl who is my age, some girl who likes legos and chocolate and sex, bowties, mazola oil dna, and Jessie Jackson. All of 'dem rolled into one - plus a bit of Eve and Gwen Stef, and Asia Argento thrown in, to boot. Of course, we're forgetting Frida Kahlo, George Eliot, Rita Hayworth, Madonna, that one short-haired puffy Natalie chick from V.I.P.,

big-boobed girls everywhere, small boobed pixie girls everywhere, girls who can cook strudel everywhere, speaking of strudel - Phoebe Cates' everywhere.

Mira Sorvino

Mona Lisa

Lisa Simpson

Al Sharpton

Dj Dickey Dick

Pinky and the Brain

Eve (of "Adam and Eve")

Nikki Cox (Unhappily Ever ...never mind)

A Wayne's-World-Era Tia Carrere

Marilyn Monroe, of course

Did I mention Phoebe Cates?

Lucy Liu

the Rest of the Ally Mcbeal cast

the guy in drag on Ally Mcbeal

The Waltons

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Oscar Wilde

Bill Paxton

Bill Pullman

Bill Press

Bill Walton

Akira Kurosawa.

what the fuck am I talking about?

I like cars and latex. Spam and celery.

Girls who go, "Vrooom!"

And the end of things.


There is no end, man.

This tapestry keeps flowing.

We'll never live to see the end, if there is one.

Where will we be?

Will we see the end, if there is one?

hopefully people will go on and live on into eternity.

I hope this world never ends.

1:56 a.m. - 2002-08-24


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