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Setting the line height

Otis Redding

Argentina? Yugoslavia?

The US Men's Basketball team has had its ass handed to it the past two nights. No gold medal this year. Fuck. Time to bring back Shaq.

Kobe, where you at? Duncan? Can I get a Garnett? Wha-wha?

Janet Jackson is so fly. I don't like the fake Jackson nose goin' on, but she just looks like she tastes good, yaknow I mean?

Doing the studio thing with Chris, I think. More as it follows.

Naked Pillsbury Boy.

How sick would a flesh-coloured Pillsbury boy be?

Need to go up to Davis, Ca & see some beautiful girls. Check out the campus, see some cows, that sorta thing -

Teal is a great color. (On a side note, one can rock "color" or "colour," so don't trip)

y'all are nasty (props to trey)

theft Hawkgirl ... apologies for journaltheft of 3 months ago - it was an homage, yo

what the dilly with that "Sleeping Beauty" book by Anne-Rice-Psuedonym?

Does it really work wonders on da' wimmenfolk?

Syracuse, yo! Syracuse!

SUNY, even.

What's up with the Sopranos? Is that the greatest fucking show ever? Or is it 6 Feet Under? Or Absolutely Fabulous? Sex and the City? Simpsons? Early South Park? My So-Called Life? Freaks and Geeks? Undeclared? Young Riders? Macgyver?

Yep. Macgyver.

tj hooker, mebbe


Khia says "lick it good." your back? your neck? your pussy? your crack?

"Dear Rolling Stone : I didn't need to know those extra lyrics, yo."



ER is a fucking great show. Kinda sucks now that "Goose" has died, though.

Clooney seems like an ass on those repeats. Is it his character, or him?

Liked him in Ocean's 11. Three Kings, even. He's still an ass.

He was nice with J Lopez in "Out of Sight"

Come to think of it, Sean Penn was nice with JLo in "U-Turn"

Ice Cube was nice with JLopez in "Anaconda," even.

No, Matthew M. didn't work well with her in the "Wedding Planner." I liked him in "Contact," though. And "Dazed and Confused." He has sucked in everything else, thus far. Beat Barry Pepper, though.

And, as the slain tejano singer, Selena, Jennifer kicked out the jams opposite - I almost remember his name. Someone go to my guestbook and remind me who the f he be. Wait -- I almost have it; and no, I'm not thinking Edward James Olmos. He was her daddy, but I'm thinkin' her long-haired Bad-Boy boyfriend/husband.

ah. never mind. John (Jon) Seda.


There's a great scene of JLo and her "man" on the front lawn, she's mowing the lawn or something, and they're talking about kids - and she has ass for miles, and god bless it.

No one should dog that girl. I care not if she has talent!

She was a fly girl! She is muy fertile!

I must impregnate her!


UTNE Reader is a bitchin magazine.

There was an article I was reading in it, at the Library, and it had an article about young people changing tha world - cool article. Aaron McGruder of the "Boondocks" comic-strip was on "Donahue" tonight. He kicks ass.

I guess the spelling is "Zack," in Zack De La Rocha. Here I was thinking Zach. weakass on my part.

The US team lost.

We lost.


11:13 p.m. - 2002-09-05


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