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Setting the line height "the present holds within itself the complete sum of existence, backward and forward, that whole amplitude of time, which is eternity" - A.N. Whitehead

"In a relationship, I want the man to be the aggressor. I like to be the girl, you know?" - Lucy Liu

So that about sums it up, really. I've just popped in Mulholland Drive, ready to see what the hype on that was all about.

Have done a fair share of reading lately. Unfortunately, a great mass of it has been USA Today and Newsweek, the two periodicals proffered at my place of employment. At work, I often thrill to the likes of CNN TALKBACK LIVE!, Fareed Zakaria's Middle East reports in Newsweek, and USA today's startling NBA analysis.

I've temporarily given up analyzing where fault lies in my relationships with women. I know that a good chunk of it resides with me, and some of the blame lies with the people I've dealt with. I would like to think that most of it can neither be attributed to me, or the other parties involved, and that happenstance, the dictates of the universe, and our respective diets and sleep patterns hold more responsibility. In any case, there's only so much that I can or want to change, so I must forge another path.

The best bet for me is not to worry about chicks for a while, do some reading, take advantage of the awesome power of being single. I don't have to worry about what the other person wants to do, because there IS NO OTHER person. There are negatives, sure - no steady diet of sex, no friend to watch low-grade hollywood movies with, no one to share the bill with - but - I'll deal. The great thing is that I can spend time reading, watching movies, talking to whatever females I want to.

Reading comics. Flirting with girls. Trying to adjust sleep and diet habits. Not doing so consistently, and enjoying it. ahh - fuck it!

It's strange, though. I think that people on the EXTREMELY fucked-up end of the spectrum tend to have significant others. And those that are perfectly well-adjusted have the cottage and dog and Lexus or Benz or birkenstocks w/optional Lexus or Benz/SUV. eh.

but those with just a sprinkling of fucked-upedness? Oh, we're fucked.

Well, the Comics Journal kicks ass anyway. I've determined that WIZARD is popping, fluffy with Puff!! pure steam.

there's no medium, sadly, between the literati and the hypemeisters! of the comics' world.

Phd candidates or WWE/Nascar afficionados. Nothing in beween. Sad, really. Would that there could be a bridge betwixt the two worlds - !


A world where fluff and substance could walk arm-in-arm, saluting the power of the comics' medium to save humanity.

Sequential Art blasting through the walls of fine art, literature, pop music, and fringe culture - to let folks know that figurative art is ok, representative illustration is ok, narrative is OK!! telling a story is worthwhile, even necessary. explosions, sex, and/or hushed reverential tones of critics do not make solid work. work that comes alive touches folk on both a visceral and intellectual level.

And the best comics do that in a way that none of that other shit can hold a candle to.

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10:23 p.m. - 2002-12-17


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