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Setting the line height

"And in the end the love you take Is equal to the love you make"

- Lennon+Paul

Saw Suzanne Somers on the View today. She is a gleaming talent, a sparkling beacon of virtuousity, a spellbound sprinkle of sampled sex-appeal.

She is Lou Ferrigno's long-lost sister, in a world of fifteen minutes. She is glad-handing the gibberish of the three strikes, with a ferocity unseen since1978. Her pleather countenance is that of an abdominal goddess, wretched in the tongue of millionaire mealy-mouthed critics. Shining, shining - ever shining!

Ringing in the western dialogue with redundancy, she claims to not see the flashing flashlight of satisfaction. Alien life is more rational than the existence of Karl Marx, George Washington, or Euclid - All historical personages, and thus invented fairy tales?

We ask the wrong questions, look for the wrong things. Material things bring little but a lust for more material things. And still we lust, and stumble petulantly towards the strike zone of numb, lithe, languid lechery.

Gravy spit pussy licks up the hair.

Modern mephisto plays with her length.

Singing duodenum, squiring the strains of "He got what he wanted." Purple best ghetto getting lost, never broken, never paid tha' cost to be the boss~

In a Snoop Dogg world, all Che is forgotten - In a Tupac shot, all Kurts are forsaken. In a Bette Midler showdown, the salt shaker Regis plays to the sighs - In a J Lo confection, creamy thighs win the prize!*

Frankie Avalon vies with Frankie Muniz for control of the receiver. Milton Berle and Angie Everheart pry loose change from believers. Carmen Electra and Carrot Top cram full the milk cartons; Neil Patrick Harris, Wil Wheaton - now there are two hard ones!

The death of the rerun sits glumly with Will; All the kiddies up late, now play "Silent Hill." For "Men in Black" and "Kojack" they now have no time;

But its Lojack we need, in this time fulla' crime.

"Grand Theft Auto" sells well

But comics, they don't

The movies all sell!

Folks don't read very well --

Illiterate meatheads

A nation of cash-starved soul-sucking vampires -

An age without grace; a time lacking depth. Of wisdom and trust,

we all stand bereft.

Love is real.

Love is real.

You can lie all you want.

But love is still real.

10:53 p.m. - 2003-01-08


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