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Someone asked me about what Neil Gaiman was up to at the 'con. I know he showed up for a couple events, but unfortunately I didn't get to see him. I saw him speak a few years back, and he was quite clever. I really admire the guy, so its a shame I missed it.

He was there with Dave Mckean - another fine talent.


Went to see Zadie Smith last night at the Hammer in Westwood. Her voice is so effin' cool - its British, but sometimes it sounds flat-out American. Really nice synthesis. She read some passages from her book, "The Autograph Man."

I almost didn't get in the room. I had been cruising up the 405 at a rapid clip - hell, I had even rented a Buick -but I still didn't make it there until 7:05 pm. The event started at 7, so I was a little worried. When I turned the corner to the room, it seemed as if there was ample space left, much to my relief.

At that juncture, I noticed that my bladder was nearing burst levels.

After asking directions and relieving the buildup, I began my brisk walk back to the room where the reading was to take place. At this point, two women stopped me, informing me that the room was filled to capacity.

"But I was just in there!" , I protested.

They reiterated the capacity thing, but I persisted. Finally, they must've noticed the look of desperation dripping down my face, and they relented.

But not without a final query.

"You were in there before - before you went to the restroom?"

I affirmed this, although it was only half-true - and I was off --

Hearing Zadie read about obsessive autograph seekers attending a "conference" - a convention of sorts -was rather interesting given that I'd just returned from the San Diego Con.

The audience was beautiful. There were so many attractive, well-groomed folks there. And many of them looked as if they had spare change in their car which would rival my yearly income.

L.A. reminds you of that. The gap between the haves and the have-nots.

There's some beautiful scenery in LA County - Museums, Rolling hills, gorgeous women, camera crews on the streets, and trees near UCLA to rival even the mighty UCSD in beautiful foliage.

However, drive a few blocks from Brentwood, and you're in the 'Hood. And no one seems to care about the disparity. And that excess is worshipped to an extent which is disgusting.

And sometimes I think - Sometimes, the trees must cringe at the assholes who drive past them every day.


11:16 p.m. - 2003-07-23


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