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Sent some mail today. The money-order machine at the local post-office etc.-type store was jacked up, so I have to go back tomorrow. I need to send a $15 dollar money order to the CBEST people to get another copy of my results. This, in theory, will assist in my being able to substitute teach in the near future.

Missed the OC last week. Crazy, man. Devastated. Devastated, man.

Listened to some Rick Barry on the radio driving back from Sacramento last week. Good times. Dude was the scoring champ in the ABA back in the 70's, and he switched to the NBA eventually. He tore it up with the Golden State Warriors, and his sons Jon and Brent play in the NBA. Jon's scrappy. Used to play for the Lakers and Kings. Just signed with the Nuggets after a couple of years in Detroit with the pistons.

Had a dream about a childhood sweetheart last night/this morning. She kinda' looks like Zadie Smith, though, so there may have been some bleedover. I dunno.

I think there may have been a gas station in the dream. Gas Stations are romantic, kinda.

Anyone remember that Enrique Iglesias video with Shannen Elizabeth (she of American Pie, American Pie II, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike back)? She was smokin' in that video, yo. And Enrique musta' been digging that. Hell, there's a video I vaguely remember with him and Anna Kournikova, and Kournikova is some weak shit compared to that Shannen Elizabeth joint. She was rockin' it. I don't even think she's that hot, but it was the "unknown hot girl" thing that did it for me. I didn't know it was the American Pie girl.

Why am I dissecting Enrique Iglesias videos? What the hell? The dude got rid of the mole, apparently. Bad move, dude.

That's like Cindy Crawford without her beauty mark.

Damn, she's been out the public eye for awhile, huh? Reduced to Zale's commercials, or print ads for jewelry or some shit.

I like Tyra Banks in that movie, Coyote Ugly. And that Maria Bello (also of Auto-Focus)and

Piper Perabo - she ain't bad either.

There's some movie out there somewhere where Piper Perabo plays a lesbian of some stripe. I need to rent that.

The TV stations are all fucked up here. I want ABC on channel 7, FOX on 11, and NBC on 4. What the fuck?

How the hell do you go and put FOX on 40? It's a fucking network, people!!! Please!!


This past saturday, I watched The Order, in a film class I'm taking. It was aight. Shannyn Sossamon is quite purty, but I'm afraid her acting isn't so great. Then again, Julia Roberts ain't no great thespian, and look where she's at. So there's hope for the great Soss. Heath Ledger was pretty solid, but the film was a stinka.

I suggest A Knight's Tale for those Ledger/Sossa-files. Or 10 things I hate about you, even. I wasn't the biggest Julia Stiles fan back in the day, but I'm being won over.

Slowly, but surely.

Stiles is acting's version of Michelle Branch. You want to hate her. You really want to hate her. But. You don't. And you find yourself strangely moved by her screen/telly presence.

And it comes down to - It comes down to the sick discovery that I'm a closet Stiles fan.

As I mentally take note of the myriad of Stiles films I've viewed, I realize that I've somehow - somehow enjoyed each and every single one of them.

Except maybe the TV miniseries, the 60's. That kinda sucked.

But as far as Save the Last Dance, O, and even her near-cameo in The Bourne Identity, I must say that I'm hooked.

Perhaps its that she's attractive, but not scorching in the ejaculate-in-your-pants sense of the Shannen-Elizabeth-in-Enrique-Iglesias-video archetype.

And she's got a touch of the

intellectual, ivy-league girl in her - perhaps even a veneer of snobbery, so that when you've finally warmed up to her, the heat just won't stop risin'.


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