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Dolph Lundgren, where have you gone?

Banana Cream

It's creeping into the depths of July now, and the heat is rising. Baking, really, here in the central valley.

Saw Spider-Man w/Chris in Irvine on the 30th. This past week I went and saw both "The Notebook" and "King Arthur." Both of them were pretty shitty. I suppose Rachel Mcadams and Keira Knightley make up for predictable crap (just a little but), though I'm still struggling to determine how the woman a few seats over from me was gripped so tightly by the Nicholas Sparks drama so as to loudly begin bawling towards the end of the film.

Don't get me wrong. There's a part of me that digs on the romance, heaving chest agony, and young love sexin'. Its just when you get to the most predictable, sentimental crap, and people eat it up - I just don't get it. The reason something like "The Notebook" troubles me is that it reinforces notions that we all would like to believe are true. Unfortunately, reality doesn't prove it out. Loving with all your guts and soul doesn't guarantee anything. Even with two people expressing mutual passion, there are complications and roadblocks.

One could argue that roadblocks are shown in the film. But as far as I'm concerned, they offer only a momentary cockblock, and then true love resumes its preordained course.

I wish that the world was like that. But its never that simple. Every time a challenge is completed, a problem resolved - more issues arise in their place.

And with love, this especially seems to be the case. Love, romance, and the most simple, basic, true form of those two - plain old friendship - takes a real hard beating due to the course of time, distance, and daily stress.

There are always things said that shouldn't be, or things omitted which should be said. There are trust issues, even with those you trust entirely. There is jealousy, even when there's no reason for it - and we know that there's no reason. People change. Interests change. But the rate at which we change is different.

And some stubbornly cling on to old habits, unable to greatly deviate or adapt. Sometimes I feel as if this describes me.

But that's not a big deal. There are things I aim to change, but much that I don't. I am satisfied in the conceit that there is no such thing as permanent satisfaction. Not while blood flows through a person's body.

Not if you're worth a damn.

Why be satisfied? Why be content? Relaxed?

What does that do for you?

As the pursuit of peace is valuable, so too is the pursuit of truth. And in a world such as this, how can one completely relax or find peace?

The world is in chaos. And I feel this is reflected in our physical beings.

Its more than diet, culture, background. There's something unsettling in hunger, war, people pushed past desperation.

These things ripple throughout our bodies, and the discontent of mankind manifests itself in our individual shortcomings.


Now that I've expelled that diatribe from my psyche, I can recommend (if for humor if no other reason) that folks check out Ask the Tech Girl, a web-address which was forwarded to me by an ex-girlfriend of mine. I ain't giving specifics as to which one she is, but - yeah - she looks pretty good.


Oh yeah, and Shaquille is off to Miami (nearly official). Yeesh. Well, maybe now all the bandwagon assholes will jump off, and leave only the true Laker fans in the fold. If their record suffers, at least the excitement will be back. That is, if Kobe isn't soon a Clipper or some dude's boyfriend.

It's too hot here! It's been between 85 and 95 degrees lately. 95 is way too much. I'm dyin, yo.

Despite my ill-mood, good news is in the offing! Haven't had fast food for 8 days! Also, no meat! Beef, that is. I've had Tuna and Turkey, but I understand that doesn't count. Right? See, to me any flesh of a living thing could rightly be called meat, but some insist on specificity to the point where "meat" can only apply to cows or deer or animals of that ilk. I guess "tuna meat" sounds weird unless it is being used in some inappropriate context. Well, even then I suppose it is weird.

I've watched Ghost World several times recently. Its on IFC constantly. Also, Pulp Fiction has been pimping its way across my screen frequently. Rented Spartan and Y Tu Mama Tambien at the local video store. "Mama"was great, while Spartan was aight, but only surpassed Dolph Lundgren's Detention by a hair. Don't ask.

4:32 p.m. - 2004-07-11


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