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So I've seen two movies this weekend. Tomb Raider and Codename:Swordfish. Tomb Raider. ergfhhh.

Swordfish: was mistakenly informed of Halle Berry's squirrel being in evidence in said film, only to find said unmentionable not in evidence. Still, they did pay her an extra $500,000 (or so I hear) to flash her breasts. So it had more of a payoff, and (if you can believe it) plot than T-Raider. Raider was just an excuse for action scenes and a wafer thin plot which wouldn't stand up under any scrutiny.

I'm feeling mixed emotions when I think about this girl right now, for, while I was happy to hear that she would be re-entering the sphere of my life sometime around august (after my energies have been recharged in san diego in late july), I was saddened and thinking about what it is that will be bringing her here. I just wish she was coming for a reason other than the one she has. So I hope that I can be there for her. I'm sure when something like that happens with me, I'll need to be able to hold her, and have her tell me its going to be ok.

But I'm kind of a wussy. And she's tough. Tough girl. Geeky, like me, but that's what turns me on about her.

And speaking of what turns me on ...

I promised last time, I would run down a short list or reference to masturbation of some sort - so here it is -

things that turn me on:

(1) Last night, while flipping channels, I came upon a glorious scene in the movie flashdance, wherein Jennifer Beals removes her bra, through her sweatshirt, while talking to her man. That was hot. I need to rent this, and rewind. ...There's also a scene where she's in a restaurant, eating shrimp in an erotic, suggestive fashion, but it wasn't on last night. It always kind of turns me on, yet there's that element of 80's cheese, erotic though it may be.

(2) Artistic, creative, intellectual girls. Girls

who either smite me intellectually, or at least

tune in to my wavelength from time to time, and allow me to tune into theirs. Speaking a language we can understand, and the rest of the world - sadly and thankfully - can't. god, I'm starting to sound like Danielle Steele now.

(3) Zadie Smith, author of "White Teeth". Check the inside book cover for a photo. She has the cool, intellectual flava about her, quite a cutie.

Plus, she wrote this great novel at 24. I wouldn't mind spending time in a flat with her.

(4) Lip Piercings. This is a recent addition, as I've found that they can get me quite hot, so to speak. Require special care and attention, of which I'm happy to give.

(5) Beautiful noses. Now, I know you may be asking "wha-wha?," but a beautiful nose on a woman is hot. all the women I've really found an attraction for have had nice noses. somewhere in the bible, I believe Song of Songs, it refers to a lover's nose as being like an egyptian temple, and that's a pretty good place to start ...

(5) Schoolgirl outfits. I suppose I'm not alone in this category, and it is rather cliched and I am rather embarrased by admitting such a fantasy. But I was watching some flick on the telly the other night, and this girl was sucking on a lollipop, and had the plaid skirt and hi-socks, and I was like, "damn!". I must clarify that I'm no pedophile. I like my women full grown.

Now that I've succeeded in defining myself as a sexist, mysogynist pig, I will conclude with a final thought.

Masturbation is great, sexual dreams without the manual input are also cool - but there is something lacking in both departments.

While the hand-trigger method provides pleasure and allows you to think about your lover or object of affection in a fantastic way, there's nothing so

satisfying as lying against that person, feeling her warm against you, breathing, and feeling that nothing in the world is so great as that moment of peace.

Holding each other. I'm old fashioned, I guess, in really liking that.

11:31 p.m. - 2001-06-18


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