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I'm going to see Stan Lee on Sunday. He's making an appearance at the Shrine Comic Convention in LA, and my friends Chris and Art are going. Last time I went, Ben Edlund (the Tick creator) was there.

I fear what Chris may do in the presence of Stan Lee. Then again, I myself should be chained up during the panel. This old bastard receives all the credit for creating 90% of the foundations of Marvel Comics. Um ... Errr ... NO.

That is so fucked up.

Jack Kirby IS Marvel Comics.

And Steve Ditko laid the imprint of Spider-Man upon our consciousness.

Stan helped. I think.

Who deserves credit for today's most living, vibrant form of art?

a list:

Outcalt "The Yellow Kid" (of course)

Kirby - DNA of the American Comic Book

Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster - Superman.

Will Eisner - The Spirit, of course - more importantly, though, this man has a lyrical sense of design - stretching boundaries and revolutionizing the way artists look at sequencing images

Jack Cole (created plastic man, did artwork for Playboy. early humorist)

Harvey Kurtzman - known for his MAD work, but displayed a remarkable versatility, grinding out "Lil Annie Fannie" for Playboy, as well as a prodigious amound of work for EC comics, the publishing house which was torched by Frederic Wertham and McCarthyism (and,some would say, by their competitors)*

Alex Toth - Designed Space Ghost (a minor achievement, to be sure, but)

also set a different standard for use of blacks, and deftness with the brush

Hal Foster - Prince Valiant. Great Comic Strip.

Walt Kelly - Satirist, Anthropomorphic Engineer; displayed an ever-so-subtle wit while delivering a clean line week after week.

Picasso - even Pablo got into the comics racket, cranking out a few sequential images on canvas that were - dare I say it? - Kirby-esque

others: alex raymond, joe simon, curt swan, jim steranko, bill finger, edgar rice burroughs, L. Ron Hubbard (yes, he's responsible for scientology, but he wrote some good sci-fi before coming up with that scam), carmine infantino, john buscema, john romita (original), osamu tezuka (Astro Boy!), Akira Kurosawa (Ran), uncle Walt D., and, lest I forget: Joe (he of the School) Kubert.


there are several modern masters, but i'm still expanding the list.


haven't imbibed alcohol for several weeks. clarity emerging. drove up to El Monte this past weekend. Ate at Denny's. Lemonade and English Muffin. Dinner of Champions.

10:21 p.m. - 2002-04-03


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