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suck it!!! (tiny bits of white cotton floating)

Suck it, I say!!!


People with poor spelling!!

I'm a better speller, yo!

I can beat you in a foot race.

Let's race! 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles. You're toast.

I know that sequential art/graphic storytelling/comic books are more vital than masturbatory political jags.

I know that there is "no sex in the champagne room."

Truth is not in dramatics, or flamboyance, or show.

All the flash in the world doesn't cover up a lack of substance.

Though I DO like flash.

I like the film "Flashdance" as well.

Though I probably shouldn't subject others to it.

I am NOT:


Kyle from the "Real World Chicago."

(I would've made a decision. Carrie. Fershure. And, um, I would've, er, gotten the plug in the socket)

2. Steven, the Dell guy.

(Though I tend to like this comparison better, fucked up though it may be)

3. A megatalented, high-powered individual. (But there's more character under my thumbnail than in the entire atomic makeup of Oprah, Martha Stewart, Eddie Griffin, and Orlando Jones combined)

4. A fan of Thomas Kinkade, pompous assholes (with the exception of comic book "celebs" - given the irony), honey-baked ham, Baseball on Television, Grant Napear, Kevin Harlan's "Up high and Down hard," George Clooney as Batman, Jon Bon Jovi on Ally Mcbeal, High-speed chases, or fear wrapped in faux-punk ethos.


1. Spaghetti, with extra garlic.

2. Comic Books.

3. The Los Angeles Lakers circa 1992-1998 (with Nick, Vlade, AP, and Eddie Jones)

4. The picture of Zadie Smith on the paperback version of "White Teeth" ~~~

5. Jackie Robinson, Muhammed Ali, Chuck D, and Chuck Jones, and Charles Schulz.

6. Left Eye. fuck!!

7. Dr. Phil. (fuck no!)

8. Dr. Drew

9. Brooke Burke, of E!'s "Wild On"

10. Tijuana

11. Where I come from.

12. People who make less than $30,000 a year (generally)

13. Moby Dick. (especially the reproduction of that whaling aquatint image on that one cover I had, by louis garneray)

14. Classics Illustrated

15. Pussy

16. real world new orleans' Melissa.

17. Puerto Rican mujeres

18. Pizazz Pizza!, P'zones, and Wild Tacos! (all extinct)

19. Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby

(along with Will Eisner,Joe Simon, Jack Cole, Jerry Robinson, Bill Finger, Murphy Anderson, Carmine Infantino, John Romita, Burne Hogarth, Wally Wood, Johnny Craig, Bernard Krigstein, Alex Nino, Jean Giraud aka Moebius, John Buscema, Gil Kane, Robert Crumb, Frank Frazetta, Siegel/Shuster,Hal Foster, C.C. Beck, and Gene Colan)

20. Making love in the dusk, in the desert, on a towel laid over a blanket, next to the car.

21. Rain and Cloudy Weather.

22. Boise, Orange County, and Men Without Hats.

23. Smarmy, Fatuous, Iconoclasts.

24. Stereobates.

12:25 a.m. - 2002-05-08


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