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4 poems for 4 girls

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4 poems for 4 girls

grey sweater nightgown

Would that you were 19

and I were 24;

Time has passed

And yearning strays

But you were so much more.

You're on to bigger, better things

But none more true than I -

while they would spurn and frustrate you

I would beside you lie.

Still, its best - if love not true

That we should part our ways

But i'll remember your tears that night

and joy of passing days.

How brief your affection was !

your warmth, it felt so true

i miss you and i hate you

and oh, how i love you!~

finger-cut cough

oh, don't give into hurt!

don't lash out with pain

don't pretend you'll never feel

this stupid way again!

the same things keep happening

with me or other guys.

yet we are all the ones you blame

when sadness with you lies.

you are so beautiful

if only you didn't hurt

if only you didn't take

if only you didn't feel it necessary

to pay me back for his mistake!

its strictly between you and that tool

but you try to make me the fool!

But it ain't working

And you don't feel better

'cuz you ain't him

and I ain't you.

phone sassy fax fetish

You are a silly girl

I lick your cheek in my dream. You are so pretty

Pretty girl

You probl'y taste like ice cream.

Soft and sweet, purty and neat

When can I see you again?

Oh, if only you didn't have

Like, 5 million boyfriends!

You look so good in your li'l grey hat

So full of radiation

So full of limber excellency

So full of soft elation!

Your cream sorbet cheeks

Hide that scaredy-cat

I'd give you the real deal

No thug can get with that.


How many one-true-loves have been

Spoken in your name?

How many young men down that road

wish they never came?

How many times I've thought of you

rather unavoidably?

How soon I'd play the fool if even now you called on me.

Why can't I let you go?

Move on like all the rest?

Why do I still miss your lips?

your mind? your smile? your breast?

Simply this, and this alone

You don't forget the best.

11:49 a.m. - 2002-12-06


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