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Setting the line height

There's too many people/You used to know/They see you coming/They see you go/They know your secrets and you know theirs/this town is crazy/nobody cares-Beck

So i'm going to another concert saturday night. The Star 98.7 "Not So Silent Night," with Norah Jones. I have two tickets. Don't know who I'm going with.

Tito Ortiz is a straight pimp. I finally got around to watching the VHS of his Ultimate Fight with Ken Shamrock, and he thrashed the man. Sick.

It's so fucked up that John McCain refers to it as "human cockfighting." Fighters in the UFC and the majority of these large events know what they are getting into, and they're generally of a pretty high skill level. And usually the fights are over within a short period of time. As opposed to Boxing, which besides being crooked as fuck, tends to leave folks who make a career out of it with brain damage, and possibly Parkinsons (as Ali might attest).

Fucked up.

I was reading Jane tonight at the library, and there was a blurb about Naomi Klein, who wrote a book called NO LOGO. It looks pretty cool. I think this oft-referred-to amorphous "New World Order" concept is kinda creepy myself.

Damn! I really want a sandwich.

I'm listening to Beck. This new album fucking rules. Listening to the palpable anguish in his voice gives me chills. He's for real, man. Odelay this is not. That's a great album, but this is heart-wrenching-nails-and-glass-across-soul stuff. It's beautiful.

I need to have a nice christmas. I've had too many all-consuming dramas for one year.

i miss so many things from the past 10 years. everything passes. dies. regenerates. a carcass is just a prelude to a blossom.

NEXT WEEK: the secret Kurt Cobain/Tupac link!! stay tuned!

(ok. forget it. the bottom line? they're the same guy. they represent a lot of the same things, to different folks. they tapped into the same collective unconscious, the same pain)


Bartender - I'll have a li'l thug passion, with lithium -

12:54 a.m. - 2002-12-12


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