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Lebron who?

Tax Season

So I didn't have to pay the $250 or so that I'd been led to believe. My H&R block goddess worked it out - worked it out, yo - And I ended up having to only shell out $64 dollas.

Chris was dissin' on the H&R fellas, givin' em no love, but I was satisfied.

This was the first year I've made enough scrill to have to send a chunk back to the man. Up to this point, I've not paid, or gotten refunds.

Crazy, man. Crazy. ~~


So I've been roaming the net, and I found a pretty cool site - ghostwerks They look like hard-working fellas. Best of luck to 'em.


College. Ah College. Just a Ben Harper song away. Or Keb Mo. Whatever. Anyhow -- Damn.

Pretty girls, soft cheeks.

I suppose such things exist outside the realm of academics, but -- damn.


So I suppose I should check out that Modest Mouse CD. Any song with the words "talking shit" included in the title has to possess some merit.


Looks as though this war may be over soon. Hopefully so. I hope its all over. Real soon. If we go into Syria, or Iran, or any crazy shit like that, I'll be the first mutha out there protesting. As it stands, I just hope its over soon, and the children who've been starving get some food.

And I hope we don't sleep on Afghanistan. That country still needs help. Bill Gates should shell out a few Billion to equip the schoolkids of Iraq and Afghanistan with the top computer equipment/technology/what-have-you - so as to open up those countries to new opportunities.


Thanks for the disco ball, guys.


Thanks for the link, playa ~


So Boston Public continues as a morbid obsession. Married By America - not so much. Still, the blonde on Married by America is physically pretty - cute. Yeah. She seems like a bit of an airhead, but -- ah. er. ug.


Russell Crowe got married today, I guess. I wonder if the Counting Crowes played the wedding, with the Black Crowes opening up. With Cameron Crowe, as the Wedding Photographer.

Chris Robinson, of the Black Crowes, is still one of my favorite "rock stars". He's just fucking cool. His brother Rich may be more talented, but he's the lead singer - eh. urg.

The Crowes (Black) were my favorite group at the end of Junior High and the beginning of High School. I remember reading a "Rock'n'Roll" comic book about the band. There was also a kickass 8 or 12-part (or something along those lines) miniseries on the Beatles. Mostly fabricated, I would guess, but fun reading, anyhow.

And now Chris Robinson is married to Kate Hudson, of "Almost Famous" - um - fame. Good job, Chris.


Congrats to Carmelo Anthony.

Lebron who?

11:07 p.m. - 2003-04-07


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