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San Diego there I was ... (Chorizo)


Angelina Jolie was there. There were girls sobbing.

Some folks just go nuts around celebrities.

There were 5,000 people in the room, and a few picked out to ask questions.

Of course, a few ended up asking questions like, "Will you marry me?" "Are you interested in playing a lesbian role in a script I'm developing?" "Can you sign my arm? My friend was a big fan, and she died last year - so sign my arm, please --" and, my all-time favorite, "I have AIDS, and you've really inspired me - can I meet you?"

People were weeping and bawling. Wtf?

This is a celebrity - not Gandhi or Jesus or what have you.

Halle Berry was also there, apparently. (For about 5 minutes, from what I hear)

The dude who played "Boomer" on Battlestar Galactica back in the day was there, but no one seemed to notice. Kinda sad, really. Hope he made some change.

And Lou Ferrigno was there, doing his best to cash in on the HULK movie noise.

* Vern Troyer is getting married to some 6' fitness model.

As long as I'm on the wedding announcement tip:

My old friend Xoch is getting hitched.

Good for her. If it makes her happy, and it brings happiness to her boy, god love 'em.

She's a great girl, but her and I were never going to happen, whether her fiance existed or not.

Once in a while, I check her journal, and I see funny little things in it that I recognize.

The two of us ... we had fun, we were friends, and I'm glad we met. So I can't be mad at her. She is who she is, and I'm who I am. Ain't no shame in it.


My friend T's ex C attended the convention, and since C and I have dated off and on, that was interesting. It was pretty easy and smooth as far as I was concerned, though its a tricky thing, maintaining that balance of friendship and not stepping on anyone's toes. You want to maintain honesty and integrity without hurting feelings. And sometimes its fucking hard to do all of those things simultaneously. Maybe Xoch had some form of that energy running through her when that beef went down between us. I guess I'll never know. Hell, she probably doesn't know.

Sometimes things get so twisted that even the principles involved aren't sure of the order of events, what exactly happened, or the necessary or appropriate response to such events.

I tend to internalize a lot. Sometimes my anger spills out into my work, or exercise, or driving. None of these things are good, and I try to keep my body and mind in a good place, but sometimes I think - sometimes its better to allow yourself to go to that bad place -- just to get it out of your system.

The mistake we can make is to wallow in it. To learn to love the security of an alternation between self-loathing/vanity and external pissedoffedness.

Stopped by Jamba Juice today after returning home from San Diego.

The hot Jamba Girl wasn't there, but my Cranberry Craze! was right on schedule.

Bob Burden was there at the Clarion when we were checking out this morning.

He created the Flaming Carrot, and of course, most of the characters which inspired the Mystery Men movie. Chris was talking to him as we were checking out. It was festive.


I broke 2 items in 2 hotels this week.

Yesterday morning as we were checking out of the Hyatt, I accidently elbowed a lamp, which subsequently shattered.

This morning, as Chris and his brother were bickering, as they are wont to do, I began my attempt at a speedy exit from the room. Unfortunately, I was bogged down with heavy amounts of shit, bags and things, and as I attempted to open the door, I became uncomfortably wedged between the entryway door and the sliding glass mirror directly adjacent to the entryway door.

I dont know what exactly happened, but I slipped, or tried to force my way through, or some combination of the two -- and - the sliding glass mirror shattered. S-H-A-T-T-E-R-E-D!!! Chris and the crew had been laughing when I broke the lamp yesterday.

Today he wasn't laughing, but he did insist on taking photos to document this "memorable moment," as he put it.

Why I want my clumsiness and bad luck, and $$$ debited from my relatively meager accounts memorialized - is beyond me.

Damn man!!

Other things happpened.

(1) Had a Smirnoff Ice, and 1 Budweiser.

(2) Bought 600-pg. Graphic Novel, "Blankets," by Craig Thompson.

(3) Discussed Kobe Bryant case with Chris, and later with Chris' father.

(4) Rode AMTRAK

(5) Met a girl named Lisa, from Trinidad, in the hotel last night. She was purty.

(6) Met a girl named Julie, at Moose's, in the Gaslamp. She was engaged, or some nonsense, but it was interesting conversation, nonetheless. (The only reason I was out at the bar was due to my search for Tim - Chris' Brother - after the two had engaged in verbal histrionics. I can't really decide which one of the two is more immature sometimes. Alone, they're usually fine. But get the two together and they act like complete asses. Man, they need drugs or something)


(7) Saw some preview imagery of Alfred Molina as Doc Ock in the upcoming Spidey 2.

(8) Saw some comic/art compilations including a booklet featuring artwork by Fab. Moretti from the Strokes.

(9) Realized that TOP SHELF puts out some of the best books in comics.

(10) Realized that Wizard is the Entertainment Tonight! of comics, at best.


Another weekend gone.

Back to work.

Hopefully things will work out, and I'll move up north, hook up with a beautiful northern cali girl, and carve out my own little piece of the world.

All I need is shade, comics, and mucho love.

And Chorizo con Huevos.

(The HYATT has the bomb-ass Chorizo)

12:07 a.m. - 2003-07-22


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