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Cotton and Wool

Tomorrow I'm going to a convention in L.A. It's going to have a special-effects whiz, Stan Winston, and my friend tells me that some B or C-level actors from the upcoming Planet of the Apes movie may also show. We'll probably buy some comics and try not to get mugged, as the Shrine Auditorium isn't in the best part of town. I wouldn't normally say that about a place, but I was almost mugged there when I was 15 or so, and I remember, so I've been more wary since then.

I used to go to this convention 2-4 times a year - back when I was in high school. Haven't gone much since then. Last time I went must've been a year or so ago, when I was still in school. I was down on break, and my friend said he was going to be there. He's a cool dude, currently getting his MFA in creative writing at UCI. prick. Naah, he's the man, but anyway, at the time he was telling me he would be at the Shrine that weekend for the convention. So, in an impromtu gesture, I rolled down there to attempt to run into him. Never met up with him, but did purchase some kickass Jack Kirby "Devil Dinosaur" comics from the 70's. Devil Dinosaur was this garishly Red Tyronnosaurus Rex-looking dinosaur that walked the earth in the Marvel Comics of the 70's. I think the character is still around, but no one does much with him anymore, probably due to his undeniable cheese-factor. Still, I dig 'im. He pulsates the aura of the 70s.

And the other cool thing about him, is that he had a sidekick (or maybe he was the sidekick to, I'm not sure): MOON BOY!!! "Earth's first Human". So you have Devil Dinosaur - this Red, Tyronnosaur-looking mutant, and then "Moon Boy," who according to the cover blurbs was, "earth's first human," but looks less neanderthal than pure ape, or monkeylike. And the covers often had Moon Boy, riding Devil Dinosaur, like one would ride a horse, or - perhaps a better anology would be - an elephant.

Anyway, wierd shit, man ...

But these funky characters were created by Jack Kirby, the same visionary who busted out the Fantastic Four, the Incredible Hulk, and shitloads of other classic characters ...

So everyone has a lemon from time to time.

But these are classics.

Recommended Reading:

Box-Office Poison, By Alex Robinson.

Alex Robinson worked at a large metropolitan bookstore for 7 years, then came forth with this epic tale of comic book junkies, bookstore clerks, house parties, alcoholism, sex, pets, messy apartments, kids finding out about santa claus, old comic pros getting ripped off, and the dating rituals of everyday neurotics.

Tasty read - hard to find.

The art varies from being quite nice, to mediocre.

But the story is bomb, and that's more than I can say about the majority of comics that have been spewed forth of late.


As this entry may have been lacking in spice, I shall attempt to compensate in my next composition: an essay on the joys of masturbation.

- maybe.

1:30 a.m. - 2001-06-17


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