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moscow girls make me scream

Russ knocks 'em dead at graduation

So what the hell's up with this Steven Seagal dude? Why is he constantly being advertised on TNT? Who is this overweight "action star," and why should I care? He seems like a self-absorbed "movie star" who can neither fight or act. Please. Save me from this nonsense.

In other news, I caught a clip of Niagara Niagara on IFC the other night. Looks promising. Robin Tunney and Henry Thomas. Cool. They've also been playing In the Company of Men, a film which a friend long ago suggested I see.

Still need to see The Secret Lives of Dentists, so I've got my work cut out for me.

Ah - Election year. Olympic Year. I can remember the crisis during the final days of "election" 2000. I was working in a Framing Shop, in lovely Costa Mesa, and the store manager, who we'll call Jeff, was saying that they were going to declare a state of emergency or martial law, or something. He was pretty enthused about the potential for catastrophe. But I had my own drama, what with cutting glass in the back room with Blas, my rapping coworker, or shooting the breeze with Leo, the dude who was briefly given the glorious task of running the Murrieta store. Or running next door for a comics' roundtable with Chris. Or chatting with Christina and the fine tux folks next door. Or, of course, listening to "Yellow" or "Beautiful Day" when they were new songs, rolling up Bristol. Or being complimented on my Blue Dress shirt, and bullshitting w/Xochitl while she listened to Howard Stern in the back room and did the work that Jeff offloaded onto her. Man. That was fun.

Kind of like another dorm experience, but without any nasty stds or range rovers.

Keep crackin' people. Send those good vibes already.

I did some substitute teaching at Juvenile Hall last week. It was the best time I've had since I started working as a Sub. I even mailed a few of the kids some comics, so they'd have something to read while locked up in that facility. The two who were solid readers, that is. One of 'em was into technology, so I sent him some manga robot joint, while the other was on more basic reading (but he was really into it) so I sent him the first Ultimate Spider-Man trade paperback. I know if I was locked up I'd want something to read. I liked those kids. They were who they were. But hell - most of the "tough" kids on the outside have more of an attitude problem than these guys.

I guess they're in there for something, but I hope I helped in some microscopic fashion.

Ah well. The Lakers are on. I'ma bounce. Keep sizzlin. Keep drinking Horchata. And someone give me the lowdown on what the hell Orange Bangis. Still wondering, after all these years.

5:32 p.m. - 2004-05-25


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