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So fresh and So clean

Bowl haircuts, like Josh Hartnett, fail to go away. Actually liked Hartnett in the Virgin Suicides. He gave an honest performance, and displayed depth. Plus, they had him gigged out in the cool 70s duds.

Horrible mistake leaving Kirsten Dunst in the field, though.

Directed by Sofia Coppola. Nice. I wonder how far that production would have gotten without her last name to boost it.

Good film. Depressing, that it takes nepotism to get something so lyrical produced.

Haven't seen the film "Ordinary People". Keep reading that it's a great film, but it's early 80s, if not 1980 (like my car) so its hard to convince my friends to want to see it. I should just rent it and watch it myself. Along with Taxi Driver. Haven't seen that.

Some guy who works for the Post Office came through my work today. I showed him a meeting room, which can be expanded to two meeting rooms - interconnected - and has a capacity for around 150-170 people. He told me he might be renting it out for his daughter's 17th birthday party.

Geez. His daughter has 170 friends? He mentioned something like 70, but still ... In high school, inviting 70 people to a party? ...maybe I don't miss that shit as much as I thought

... I think the largest party of friends I had at my place at one time growing up was ..hm ... maybe 8-9 ...ok, once there were like twelve of us, but that was the extended friend family - not all of my closest confidantes.

most are gone.

ton- jr. high and high school ...he's still in the area, but he and his mom moved, and I dont have a new number for him, so I guess I'll just have to wait until I run into him at barnes and noble again ...

matt - one of my best friends in junior high - he basically dropped out of high school - big on the weed during the end of junior high - really smart and funny - a hell of a friend for a year or two - (end of 6th grade through sometime during 8th), but somehow we drifted -- he was more about weed, and having just a huge variety of friends - and I can't knock him, but it just kind of passed ...last I heard he had a child and was living in some cabin in oregon - of course, I also heard that he was living in a native american village in minnesota ...hell, maybe he did both ...

daniel - he's still alive and kicking, but we don't see each other as much anymore. I dont want to drift too far from him, but it's hard to stay in contact as much anymore. he works at the bookstore hes been working at for 6 years now, and I wish him the best. if any of my friends deserves an awesome girlfriend - its him. he would treat his woman like a queen, yet women shit on him constantly. he was one of my best friends in high school, as we both realized what terror and luxury we were simaltaneously experiencing. good artist, too.

tj - in the military. has a kid. lives in south dakota. I just remember him being a goofy guy. he had a car in high school, and drove us lowlifes around. he and me and dan were the team supreme.

mike - once laid down in the middle of the street in elementary school, on a dare. also blew up gi joes with firecrackers, and will date girls over 16, even though he's older than me. was a friend to us all, graduated before us. of all of us, he's changed the least. still loves karate, still has hairbrained schemes. still lives down the block from me, and down the block from dan.

my other friends from the comic club or hs wrestling or track, or simply from high school or college seem to have begun to fade.

Rance - he's still one of my best friends. the truest friend I made in college, we talk a few times a month. smart guy. he'll be a high school teacher and baseball coach.

oh well. this entry wasn't very mindblowing. I could have talked about what was going through my mind last night as I lay in bed, half-asleep.

The vision of a girl lounging around a pool kicking her feet in the water, her smile beckoning me ...

suffice it to say, it was nice.

11:48 p.m. - 2001-08-20


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